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Nonprofit - Skim Steezy - Competition Updates

It's been a bit of time since our last blog post but wanted to get back to it! We've had some major updates to Premier Skim, some of which are still in the works but step by step we will get there!

First we would love to give a major shout out to Skim Steezy for coming through with a gold sponsorship for The Tamarack Event! If you haven't checked out Skim Steezy on the socials be sure to go give him a follow! Youtube - Instagram - Tik Tok @Skimsteezy

Second! Premier Skim has taken the steps to become a nonprofit!

So what does this mean?

It means that we are for the public benefit and not here to generate profits for owners. There are still a few more processes we need to go through as we work toward a 501c3 status ( Tax Exemption) but we are excited to take these first steps and continue working toward our goals of growing skimboarding.

Be sure to follow along and meet our board members soon 🤙

Remember to check us out on all social media Platforms @premierskim

If you are interested or know someone possibly interested in sponsoring Premier Skim or a Premier Skim Event Please reach out to us at or on Instagram @Premierskim

Thanks for following along!

Clay Powell

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1 comentario

Trey Lee
Trey Lee
05 ago 2023

Aye thanks for the shout-out! Can't wait for what's going to happen!

Me gusta
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