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About The League

The Premier Skimboard League was a concept which has come from many years of competing, volunteering, and sitting in a classroom wishing to be at the beach.

Now the concept is a reality as we strive to bring skimboarding to a new competitive level.

As we did start out this way, we quickly realized

we needed to adapt and change to have the highest impact we can on the sport of skimboarding. One of the first changes was rebranding to Premier Skim. This allowed us to encompass everything skimboarding and not just be a league. The next change which took place in late 2023 was becoming a 509a2 non profit with the mission of growing skimboarding through Competitions, Clinics, and Demos. Skimboarding is a small sport which not everyone has access to and we hope to open skimboarding events to everyone no matter their situation or location.

We are focused only on skimboarding and how we can make not only competitions better but the community too. There is much to come for the year of 2024 and we look forward to skimboarding with you!

Current Board Members

Clay Powell, Kyle Willcox, and Miles Boyd

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