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2024 Aliso Pro/Am

We are just 19 days out from the Aliso Pro/Am and are excited to see everyone for the start of the 2024 Season!

What is rad about this competition?

First off, it’s at Aliso! What’s not to like about that!

Secondly it is named as the Aliso Pro/am but professional and amateurs will be ran on separate days. So its more like the Aliso Pro and the Aliso Am 😃

Finally we will have enough Zum Speed Wax for everyone to test out on their boards! Thanks to Zum for their support this season!!

Why would we hold the competition this way?

Beacause of conditions!! Not only do we want the Pros to get good waves but we want the amateurs to be able to SCORE too!

How long do the competitions last?

Premier Skim operated events tend to last between 4-5 hours depending on sign ups. They can last longer but we try to keep each day under 4-5 hours total 🙌

If you have more questions feel free to reach out anytime! We hope to see you this season and if you want to sign up, all registrations are now open!

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