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Entry Fees, Rules, Points, and Tour Prizes!

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Early Bird

Early Bird Access gives riders who are planning on coming to 3 or more competitions a discounted rate and guarantees that they will compete at Thalia St. Due to limited space and time, we have to limit Thalia St to 48 Competitors. With the limited space in mind we recommend competitors sign up as early as possible so they don't miss out.

Entry Fees

Three Competitions

Amateur - $120 - $40 Per Competition

Semi-Pro - $180 - $60 Per Competition

Full Tour

Amateur - $155 - $38 per Competition

Semi-Pro - $225 - $56 per Competition

Entry Rules

Competitors may only enter one division

Age Divisions

Competitors are allowed to age up in the below divisions but if a competitor decides to do so they must stick with their division for that season.





To Enter Semi-Pro Riders must be 13 Plus.


To Enter the Pro Division Riders must be 14 Plus and had finished top 10 in Semi Pro.

2023 Guaranteed Tour Prizes

To qualify for Tour Prizes Riders must compete in 3 or more competitions.

We are excited to give Each age Division and Semi-Pro Tour winner a Full Tour of Entries for the Following year.

Points System

Hope to see you there and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns

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