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Sat, Aug 17


Aliso Viejo

2024 Victoria Skimboards "The Vic"

2024 Victoria Skimboards "The Vic"
2024 Victoria Skimboards "The Vic"

Time & Location

Aug 17, 2024, 7:30 AM – Aug 18, 2024, 6:00 PM

Aliso Viejo, Aliso Viejo, CA, USA

About the Event


REQUIREMENTS New in 2023! Pro Registration requirements. Professional Rider should: – Show at least two 1st or 2nd result finishes in a qualifying Skimboard contest. OR have advanced from the first round at a previous PRO VIC. – Be at least 15 years old We will consider exceptions to this rule based on merit, and/or extenuating circumstances.PRIORITY We are judging you on your ability to ride waves, not on your ability to game the system.It’s about sportsmanship. We expect good sportsmanship.When you take three steps toward a wave, you have committed and you have lost your priority. You might as well go.Examples of Gaming the System:Waiting until your opponent has gone without priority, and then following him/her to get an interference. Running alongside, shadowing, your opponent to interfere with him/her.Verbally interfering with another riders’ concentration. Pretending to commit to a wave, and then backing off.Interference is determined by the judges and the heat director and the head judge has the final word. Loss of your highest scoring wave is the penalty. This way 5 sets of eyes have a chance to see the interference. Two interference calls will disqualify the rider.The announcer shall avoid judging the waves for the judges or the crowd. Other than to describe the ride as accurately as possible.SCORING Here’s how we score it:5 is an avg. score for an avg. ride in that age group and the max. score for an incomplete ride. He who  gambles and fails… Rider needs at least 3 turns to one direction and 2 to the other. Pay attention! This does not apply to the Pros, though I wish it was still a rule. Circle top 5 scores Minimize talking amongst judges, unless necessary. Cut-off penalty: Loss of highest  scoring wave. Wave belongs to FIRST rider to CLEARLY maneuver into position, or signal his intentions, by running toward, or signaling verbally or otherwise. Cutting under a rider already running for a wave is strongly discouraged and will constitute a cut-off. Sign your sheet. JUDGES WILL BE JUDGED FOR CONSISTENCY WITH THE FINAL RESULTSScoring is based on, in order of importance:Completion of the ride Difficulty and Control/Style of the maneuver Criticalness and Size of the wave Length of the ride OR, in other words:“The skimboarder who completes   the most radical, controlled  maneuvers, in the most critical section of the biggest and/or best waves, for the longest functional distance, shall be deemed the winner.” This is a quote from the ASP surf judging manual.One possible  guideline scaleUse ALL 10 points for each division, and  spread out the scale!!!1 = A stab at it2 = Got on board, got to water3 = Got to the water, weak turn4 = Turn on wave, and/or weak trick5 = Wrap wave to shore, an AVERAGE ride6 = Wrap wave to shore with a LITTLE extra style, or size, or minor extra maneuver7 = BIG wrap, or long ride with extra style, or extra maneuver, air, or small barrel8 =  A  driving barrel and a difficult extra maneuver, with style9 = Huge barrel, big, long, deep with style, or in and out, or an extra difficult trick10 = Best ride of the division, HEROIC

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