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Guide to Skim Melaque March 2022

So the Skimboard competition which happens down in Melaque, Mexico March 18th is one I’ve wanted to go to for a long time but have yet to make it to. I’ve realized there isn’t much info leading up to the competitions down in Mexico, other then dates. So I reach out to @x3mcommx on instagram to make this easier for others.

Here is what Diego let me know 🤙

Step 1 of competing

How to Sign Up Hi ✌🏼,sure if you can send us names, division (pro, am, beginner, girls) and where they are from, we will pre register. The sign up will be on Friday 18th of march, the location is still yet to be decided, we will post that info next week. But definitely it's good if you can send us the info in advance.

Which airports to use

Best place to travel is Manzanillo airport and from there is a 20 mins drive / taxi

But you can fly to Guadalajara and then 4 hrs drive / bus

Or fly into Puerto Vallarta then 3 or 4 hr drive or bus

A bed to sleep in?

In melaque there are several hotels, I think a room can be found for 40 dollers and up from there

Do you need a car?

The bay is relatively small you can walk everywhere

So as you can see getting there is pretty simple if you fly into Manzanillo airport. From there It’s just a short drive over and since there are plenty of hotels in the area this allows you to be able to walk everywhere you need to.

Oh yea don’t forget your passport!

For all updates on the contest info go follow @x3mcommx on instagram

Thanks for reading!

Hope to see ya out there!


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1 Comment

Trey Lee
Trey Lee
Feb 14, 2022

I'll be there along with 3 if my buddies. Thanks for this useful guide!

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